Tropical fish - Selby, North Yorkshire

If that's what you are looking for, then Ranchu Aquatics is worth a visit.  With easy accesss from Leeds, Pontefract, Castleford, Goole, York, Hull and West Yorkshire. And if we don't have the fish that you are looking for we should be able to track it down.

We are an authorised Juwel retailer and supply the full range of quality aquariums, cabinets, accessories and spares.


We have a wide range of tropical and coldwater fish on sale alongside equipment from a number of manufacturers and we supply the casual fishkeeper as well as the discerning hobbyist. We stock numerous community fish alongside discus, african cichlids, catfish of all sorts, "L numbers", rare fish, unusual varieties etc, etc with quality being the main criteria common to everything we stock.

The fish in the pictures below are actual fish that have been available for sale in the shop recently. Please phone to check availability if planning a special journey.

We have lots of new fish every week but if we don't have what you are looking for, let us know and we will try our best to source it as soon as we can. We have an on-going fish search service that is extremely popular and if you let us know what you want, we will contact you when we have it in stock.

Please contact us on or by phone or post if there is anything that we can assist you with.


Ranchu Aquatics